Watches are an crucial a part of our wardrobes. nowadays, watches have emerge as an critical fashion accessory. Seiko, retaining the usage of the watch in focus and as a middle product, have delivered watches of different styles. Seiko is a main Japan-based, watch-making agency that has been producing quality watches due to the fact 1881.

over time, Seiko has developed its fame as a brand dedicated to perfection, while it comes to observe making. In 1924, the company began generating watches below the brand name Seiko, exclusive watch which become formerly Seikosha. It changed into based more than hundred years in the past by way of Kintara Hattori. considering that then, the agency has been exceedingly praised for its craftsmanship and accuracy. with the aid of 1938, Seiko have become a booming a hit agency, and with time, its demand grew over tens of millions all over the international.

Seiko is now a pacesetter inside the watch making marketplace and is to be had in extra than sixty international locations international. Seiko has gained this achievement and popularity because of its innovation lead goals. it’s far a producer of most of the first wrist watches of their sorts in the international. The well-known innovations of the employer include quartz watch, lcd quartz watch, analogue quartz, quartz chronograph and the breakthrough invention spring power watches.

a primary innovation that has absolutely modified the fame of the organization and made it matchless, while it comes to look at technology, is spring drive watches. Seiko Ananta is an one of a kind watch, one of the luxurious timepieces with high grade and Spring force era. the main function, which has made it proper to jap subculture, is using Katana craftsmanship.


The artistry of Katana, used in Seiko Ananta, indicates its dedication to perfection and the eye to element in each watch. Katana is the artwork of sword-making, which was advanced heaps of years ago, for Katana sword. Katana sword is very uncommon and unique. The sword is known as even the swords these days aren’t any suit to it, on the subject of sword combating, sword curve and sharpness.

A Katana sword is characterised by its single-sided, uniquely curved blade, which makes it to be used in a unmarried correct movement. The sharpness of the sword calls for it to be made from unique steel and a selected forging approach. Its making procedure calls for first rate talent and excessive era. due to its beauty and precision, Katana swords are still prized and valued.


Seiko has lengthy been acknowledged for its precision and has used Katana as an notion for its Ananta watches. In Seiko Ananta, the hour markers and the fingers of the watch are as sharp because the Katana sword. The subject, precision, pleasant, curve and sharpness all had been stimulated from the Katana sword. The watches have been given an high-quality finish and are as flat and clean as a Katana sword. Even the rotor in the watch will pay homage to hand-defend on a Katana sword